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Dedicated Work for all the freelancers

Freelancers who have access to laptop/desktop can avail this subscription wherein they can access the portal via laptop/desktop. Resumes will be given in the form of pdf files. You have to copy paste the data from the pdf file into the fields provided.

Time Period: 07 Days
  • Minimum Resume to Be Processed: 250
  • Maximum Resume to Be Processed: 700
  • Accuracy Required: 80%
  • Minimum Payout: Rs.15,000/- @ Rs.60/Resume
  • Maximum Payout: Rs.49,000/- @ Rs.70/Resume (Performance bonus of extra Rs.10/- per resume)

common questions

Frequently Asked Question

What is DigiTech Jobs?

DigiTech Jobs is India’s first WORK PORTAL for FREELANCERS. It is basically a work portal where freelancers from all over the India can work for the leading job portals of India in their part time/full time.

What exactly the work is?

DigiTech Jobs gets resumes from all over India through leading job portals as well as many other sources. The task is to segregate and assimilate the data in the resume into a MASTERFORM so that data can be arranged in the many needed ways.

How many Resumes I will have to process in a month? Is there any target?

Yes, You need to process minimum 250 resumes upto maximum 700 resumes in period of 07 Days.

How I will be paid? What will be the payment mode? Will there be any tax deduction from my payment?

DigiTech Jobs processes all payments on 15th and 30th of every Month. Payment will be processed on next payment cycle after Work Completion. Please refer the payment slab for the same. Payments are made through online transfers into registered bank accounts. Yes, all the payments made will be after 1% TDS deductions as applicable by the Indian Government TDS rate for FY 2019-2020.

Can someone else work on my Portal? Can I share my ID and Password of my account with my friends, siblings or relatives and work collectively?

No, you cannot share your id and password with any other person. You can refer any number of people to join this work.

Is it compulsory to process 700 resumes in 07 Days?

No, You need to complete minimum 250 resumes upto maximum 700 resumes in a period of 07 Days or else incomplete submission will not be accepted.

Whom should I contact if I face any problem during my work?

You will be given contact numbers of customer care. You can contact them anytime, while working for any query between 10AM-6PM (Mon-Fri). Also, you can raise query from your portal which will be resolved within maximum 4 working hours. For anything else you can mail us at [email protected]

What is accuracy? Is there any minimum accuracy criteria? How it is calculated?

Yes, you need to give minimum accuracy of 80% i.e. you need to process minimum 200 accurate resumes out of 250and minimum 560 accurate out of 700.

Can I refer this to anyone?

Yes, you can refer this opportunity and make your references join the portal and help them earn a handsome amount.